Aware Parenting 4 Week Course

The Aware Parenting course is a program based on child psychology, neuroscience and real world experience. The course is designed for parents that need help truly connecting with their children. The old paradigms of child rearing have been shown to not work long term through the last 20 years of research. Aware Parenting will teach you why your children behave as they do and the steps needed to create a harmonious and peaceful family life.

We will meet in a small group of parents for 1.5 hours weekly over 4 weeks. The small group structure allows for tailored advice plus gives everyone the ability to share in a confidential space.

Each week a booklet will be given out covering the content of the course in depth. This is an excellent resource to refer to in the future.

Course Outline:

Week One: Getting to the bottom of why we parent the way we do

Will focus on becoming aware of the triggers that have been set in us from our childhood. This is a powerful, sometimes emotional process that gives us greater understanding of how we parent. From this perspective we can focus on our unmet needs and suppressed feelings. Then, it is time to turn to our children and to get a full grasp on how to acknowledge their feelings and needs deeply, using practical strategies. When we do this we are able to change our relationship with our children.

Week Two: Big emotions crash course

We will use neuroscience to help us understand how to deal with our children’s big emotions like anger, frustration and anxiety. We will learn an amazing tool to help defuse and support our children through these emotional periods. This process will create the basis of your child’s emotional health and the starting point for resilience and mindfulness.

Week Three: Alternatives to Punishment and Praise that work

We will explore the research behind why punishment (including shaming, blaming, threatening, love withdrawal) harms our children from a neurological, relationship and developmental perspective. We will focus on the root causes of undesirable behaviours. Then we will turn to practical strategies on how to guide our children toward the behaviours we would like them to develop. We’ll also look at how to develop your own and your child’s powerful growth mindset which will support your child’s academic learning and sports performance. Finally, we will explore a powerful problem solving strategy that will give amazing results.

Week Four: Anxiety, Anger, Resilience and Mindfulness

The final week will wrap everything up with some key strategies on how to handle some of the ongoing concerns we have about our children. Using the latest research and techniques, I will arm you will a tool bag of techniques to deal with anxiety, anger and building resilience. Finally, the course will end with one of the most important parts; mindfulness. These practical strategies will impart a sense of calm to you and your entire family, making your family and your self more empowered to make positive change.


Course Dates:

Evening Session

  • Every Thursday @ 7:00PM – 8:30PM
  • Starting August 22nd, 2018 for 4 consecutive weeks


International Football and Tennis School – Building 25, The Avenue, Kariong, N.S.W.