The Aware Parent


Alana Holtermann is a wife and mum of three beautiful children all under seven years old. She specialises in parent and child psychology and communication. Alana has practical as well as tertiary knowledge forged over the last 6 years.

She is a passionate proponent of aware parenting though connection and mindset. Becoming an aware parent is the start of a fantastic process that provides the relationships every family desires.



Aware Parenting 6 Week Course

The Aware Parenting course is a program based on child psychology, neuroscience and real world experience.
The course is designed for parents that need help truly connecting with their children. The old paradigms of child rearing have been shown to not work long term through the last 20 years of research. Aware parenting will teach you why your children behave as they do and the steps needed to create a harmonious and peaceful family life.

We will meet in a small group of 10 parents for 1.5 hours weekly over 6 weeks. The small group structure allows for tailored advice plus gives everyone the ability to share in a confidential space.

Each week a booklet will be given out covering the content of the course in depth. This is an excellent resource to refer to in the future.

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